Tips for the brain 5

Brain tip 33: Start Writing! Putting thoughts into words boosts your brain power. Diaries, idea-journals, poetry, note-taking, story-writing, letters, websites and blogs - they're all great. - da, da, da.
Brain tip 34: Eat dried fruits! The British Nutrition Foundation reports that dates are a good source of brain-boosting boron. 200g of the fruit a day could help you to improve your motor skills compared to your fruitless colleagues. - mai mănânc, dar nu foarte des.
Brain tip 35: Build a miniature model! Following complex written instructions activates your brain and sharpens your concentration. Assembling your own furniture is just as good, and will save you money too. - da.
Brain tip 36: Eat with your other hand! If you're right-handed, swap to the left hand and vice-versa. Imagine billions of neurons mastering new tricks as you gain control of your other hand. - hi hi hi, asta-i aproape ca o tortură!
Brain tip 37: Take a new route! Don't just go to school, shops or work by the automatic way that you know by heart. Take a new route, and force your brain to focus its attention on the task. - asta parcă a mai fost. o fac, oricum.
Brain tip 38: Use it or lose it! Using your brain regularly triggers new neuronal growth and slows age-related decline. Challenge yourself to think of a new use for everything you see. - hă? aici chiar că nu ştiu ce să zic.
Brain tip 39: Play for a while! Intellectual play, creative play, and play that requires co-ordination all stimulate the brain. Stimulating the brain causes measurable changes in the brain as new connections are formed. - who doesn't?
Brain tip 40: Write An Article! Writing strengthens your brain's ability to communicate. It is linked to improved memory, and to more effective expression of thoughts and feelings. - ă, îî.
Brain tip 41: Learn a new word every day! Working vocabulary correlates with intelligence. New words give us new ways to think, re-energize our brain, and allow us to process ideas with greater nuances. - zilnic e cam mult.
Brain tip 42: Playfully Mimic Others! Mimicry develps your powers of observation and ability to think quickly. Mimicking others can be fun, and develops your brain's skill at adapting quickly to new situations. - long time no play!
Brain tip 43: Challenge yourself with puzzles! They are a great way to get brain exercise. Crossword puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, and even good riddles are great ways to tune up your brain. - nu prea.
Brain tip 44: Eat Blueberries! Weight for weight, blueberries have some of the highest concentration of antioxidants of any fruit. They are considered by many to be one of the best brain foods, and they're delicious. - mmm, yummy ...

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