Tips for the brain 2

Brain tip 7: Eat lecithin granules! Soya lecithin provides you with choline, inositol and phosphorus. These obscure-sounding nutrients are essential for proper brain function. - lecitină, să nu uit să iau lecitină, să nu uit să iau lecitină, să nu uit să iau lecitină, să nu uit să iau lecitină ...
Brain tip 8: Learn A New Language! Learning a whole new language improves the brain's speech centers and adds more structure to the brain. Vero, Latine loqui non est difficilissimum. - non est difficilissimum? asta să i-o spuneţi cui vreţi voi, nu mie.
(se cam adună astea roşii!)
Brain tip 9: Brush your teeth! But use your non-dominant hand. You will probably find this really difficult, and you will be forced to give the task your full attention when you first try it. - nu ştiu sigur, dar asta parcă fac în fiecare dimineaţă. Update: n-o făcusem până acum, am încercat azi, e foarte greu şi e adevărat că ai nevoie de toată atenţia.
Brain tip 10: Change Your Environment! Eat lunch somewhere new, drive a new route to work, or change your household routines. Changing your environment helps to keep your brain stimulated. - asta chiar că o fac destul de des. yesss.
Brain tip11: Turn down the TV! Turn the volume down a little, to force you to concentrate more closely to follow what's being said. When you can do that, turn the volume down even more. - în 90% din seri, mă uit la TV fără sonor, dar citesc scrisul :) (hm, asta nu cred că se pune)
Brain tip 12: Include Omega-3 oils in your diet! Omega-3 oils are found in oily fish including mackerel, sardines and salmon. Omega-3 enhances brain development and function. - macrou şi sardine da, somon nu.
Brain tip 13: Explain something! Just chatting misses the point: you need to exercise your brain. Try explaining something difficult to a friend, and you'll find that the process of explaining it will clarify your own understanding. - done.
Brain tip 14: Draw A Picture! Drawing trains your visual processing skills, inspires creativity, and is fun. Drawing stimulates the right-hemisphere of your brain. - foarte rar, dar se poate spune că am făcut asta.

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