Tips for the brain 1

In lista de link-uri utile este un site de joculeţe. Sporadic, site-ul îi dă gratis jucătorului nişte sfaturi. O să le adun aici pe cele primite de mine:

Brain tip 1: Play pool! Concentrating on the "here and now" blocks out distractions and keeps your mind focused, increasing mental clarity. Billiard players must concentrate on the shot at hand as they strategically plan their next move. - asta nu prea fac.
Brain tip 2: Do a Sudoku puzzle! Sudoku and other numeric puzzles help to develop your powers of logic and reasoning. They also improve your concentration and attention to detail. - done that şi uneori sunt chiar bună :)
Brain tip 3: Eat dark chocolate! The darker the better. Chocolate activates the system that pumps dopamine around your brain, enhancing learning and memory, and keeping your brain sharp and fit. - hm, de asta m-o fi durut capul după o jumate de kilogram de dark choco?

Brain tip 4: Do things differently! Try using your other hand to drive the computer mouse. That will blow away some cobwebs (pînze de păianjen, urzeli) in your brain, and start some new neural pathways forming! - ooo, asta am încercat, dar e groaznic de greu!

Brain tip 5: Do a crossword puzzle! Crossword puzzles train your brain to think critically. They also help you to get better at recalling information that's already inside your brain. - n-am mai făcut un rebus de pe vremea lui ceaşcă, ar fi timpul să mai încerc.

Brain tip 6: Use your sense of touch! When you are killing time waiting for a bus, distinguish coins using only your sense of touch. For a real challenge, try to distinguish paper currency by touch. - never done that.

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