Tips for the brain 3

Brain tip 15: Do aerobic exercise! Getting your heart pumping really does help. A study from the University of Illinois found that aerobic exercise literally increases brain volume. - OMG! no way, anyway.
Brain tip 16: Get a good night's sleep! People who don't get enough sleep have more trouble learning new information. Sleep gives your brain a chance to consolidate learning and memories. - I do that as often as possible.
Brain tip 17: Include Olive Oil in your diet! The monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil guard against age-related decline in cognitive processing. Olive oil can help retain mental agility and prevent memory loss. - prea rar fac asta, spre deloc.
Brain tip 18: Learn a musical instrument! Musical training improves how the brain processes verbal information. Musical skill correlates with a strong ability to manipulate concepts and ideas. - mi-ar plăcea să reiau lecţiile de pian, dar ...
Brain tip 19: Visit a museum or art gallery! Pay close attention to the guide, then at home write an outline to reconstruct the tour. This keeps your brain active on multiple levels - receiving, remembering and thinking. - am fost în câteva muzee, dar niciodată nu mi-a dat prin cap să reconstitui traseul.
Brain tip 20: Play video games! Experts from the University of Rochester, New York, measured game-players and non-players. They found that certain video games enabled people to make decisions 85% faster than non-gamers. - ohoooo!
Brain tip 21: Learn to juggle (a jongla)! If that's too hard, practice throwing and catching a ball. Mastering sensory-guided movements can improve your brain's visual and tactile responses. - nope.
Brain tip 22: Have some fruit juice! A study at the Texas Women's University explored the Vitamin C consumption of children. Taken in the form of orange juice, the vitamin increased the IQ scores of the children. - orange juice nu-mi place, dar fruit juice mai beau.

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